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New Boy Puppy

New Puppy!
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Why choose a Hobby Show Breeder?

Dog shows offer exhibitors an opportunity to have their breeding stock judged for quality. The goal is to produce puppies with superior qualities, including beauty and health. While we keep the "pick of the litter", you will get the advantage of a puppy that was bred to the American Kennel Club published Breed standard. A dog purchased from a hobby-show breeder is more likely to be "typey", that is, to look and act more like a Cavalier. In addition, the hobby-show breeder lives by ethical guidelines.

The Breed

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an affectionate, gentle and sporting toy dog. They get along well with children, cats, and other dogs. While Cavaliers are intelligent, and easy to groom and train, they do shed, occasionally chew things, and sometimes forget their manners by barking, or making a puddle. These are the lap dogs of kings and they make wonderful companions. They are equally happy on a leash or sleeping in a soft bed -preferably yours! READ MORE...

Cavalier Care

The Cavalier's long, silky coat needs to be brushed several times a week. We recommend a bath at least every two weeks, but preferably weekly. (Cavaliers are spaniels and don't mind the water.) They need good quality food, exercise and regular visits with your vet. Cavaliers love to play chase and will chase just about anything that moves, so they should always be on a leash or in a fenced yard. READ MORE...

About Us

We first fell in love with Cavaliers while on vacation in Carmel. A lovely woman was walking two happy little tri-color spaniels, and was kind enough to tell us about them. Jennifer always wanted to have just one AKC Champion and convinced Luis that it would be easy. It hasn't been easy but it is a lot of fun. Today, we are the proud owners of several champions and have been fortunate enough to share our passion with others through our breeding program at La Reina Cavaliers. READ MORE...